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HTML Certification

HTML certification requires HTML skills and knowledge.

HTML Сертификат

HTML Certificate

HTML Developer Certificate confirms fundamental knowledge of web development using HTML.

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HTML Developer Certificate

HTML is the basis of web development.

HTML is used to format text, create hyperlinks, tables, lists, forms, display images, and more.

Once you've mastered HTML, you'll be able to design and maintain web pages without the limitations of a specific application's features.

The HTML Developer Certificate confirms fundamental knowledge of web development using HTML.

HTML developer certificate


Before you apply for the exam, you should have fundamental knowledge:

  • The hypertext markup language is HTML

Recommended research and training

All exam questions are based on the content of the HTML textbook from W3Schools. We strongly recommend the following tutorials, quizzes, and exercises:

Tutorial Quiz Exercises
HTML Tutorial HTML Quiz HTML Exercises


The HTML exam will take place over the Internet at any time and from any place.

The exam consists of 70 questions with multiple choice of correct / incorrect answers. The exam is limited in time to 70 minutes.

Candidates must have 75% correct answers to pass the exam and receive the Certificate.

Candidates who scored more than 95% correct answers will have a mark of distinction (excellent quality of education) added to their Certificate.

Immediately after passing the exam, you will be informed about your grades and pass/fail status.

If you fail or want to improve your score, you can take the exam again. The best result from two attempts will be counted.

If you have received certification status, you can download the HTML Developer Certificate. The document will contain your personal data confirming the status of a Certified HTML developer.

If you have any questions about the exam, do not hesitate to email:

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To verify that you are W3Schools certified, place the image below on your website (right-click on the image and select "Save Image As..."):

W3Schools Certificate

Then make the image a link and link to all your W3Schools certificates:

<a href="">
<img src="w3certified_logo.png" alt="W3Schools Certificate"/></a>


<a href="">
<img src="w3certified_logo.png" alt="W3Schools Certificate"/></a>

Your Certificates on the W3Schools website will be a confirmation of your real studies and passing exams on W3Schools.

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