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TypeScript Getting Started

TypeScript Compiler

TypeScript is transpiled into JavaScript using a compiler.

TypeScript being converted into JavaScript means it runs anywhere that JavaScript runs!

Installing the Compiler

TypeScript has an official compiler which can be installed through npm.

Learn more about npm, and how to get started here: What is npm?

Within your npm project, run the following command to install the compiler:

npm install typescript --save-dev

Which should give you an output similar to:

added 1 package, and audited 2 packages in 2s
found 0 vulnerabilities

The compiler is installed in the node_modules directory and can be run with: npx tsc.

npx tsc

Which should give you an output similar to:

Version 4.5.5
tsc: The TypeScript Compiler — Version 4.5.5

Followed by a list of all the Common Commands.

Configuring the compiler

By default, the TypeScript compiler will print a help message when run in an empty project.

The compiler can be configured using a tsconfig.json file.

You can have TypeScript create tsconfig.json with the recommended settings with:

npx tsc --init

Which should give you an output similar to:

Created a new tsconfig.json with:
  target: es2016
  module: commonjs
  strict: true
  esModuleInterop: true
  skipLibCheck: true
  forceConsistentCasingInFileNames: true

You can learn more at

Here is an example of more things you could add to the tsconfig.json file:

  "include": ["src"],
  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "./build"

You can open the file in an editor to add those options. This will configure the TypeScript compiler to transpile TypeScript files located in the src/ directory of your project, into JavaScript files in the build/ directory.

This is one way to quickly get started with TypeScript. There are many other options available such as a create-react-app template, a node starter project, and a webpack plugin.

TypeScript Exercises

Test Yourself With Exercises


The TypeScript compiler can be configured which file?