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What is W3SchoolsEN TheBest?

The site W3SchoolsEN TheBest is an English version of the site with additional adaptation for users and explanations from the site administrator. Primarily aimed at beginning web developers, the site features tutorials and reference materials for technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, Java, Kotlin, Go, C++, C#, W3.CSS and others, which cover most areas of programming, web layout and web design.

The site was created to make life easier for all beginners who want to master modern web technologies and the basics of programming.

W3SchoolsEN TheBest is based on the original site a simple beginner web developer for his own training, on pure HTML/CSS and does not contain interactive elements, any mysterious and incomprehensible scripts, does not require registration and entering a login and password, which means that it cannot collect personal data of users or any other personal information.

The site is completely safe, validated and complies with the HTML5/CSS3 specification, works in almost all modern web browsers and mobile gadgets.

The W3SchoolsEN TheBest website is still under development and is gradually being filled with content, so some links may not work temporarily.

The W3SchoolsEN TheBest site is written in pure HTML/CSS and is hosted on free GitHub hosting - so it is virtually impossible to hack (unless you hack GitHub itself). The site code and all files can be viewed by all users directly on GitHub itself via the link:

Also, anyone who wishes can download the zip-archive of the website W3SchoolsEN TheBest + W3SchoolsUA in Ukrainian from Github absolutely free. But keep in mind that the site is currently still being developed and is gradually being filled with materials, constantly being updated. And at the time of downloading, the site archive may be incomplete or some of the links may not work. Therefore, it is recommended to use the W3SchoolsEN TheBest site directly online at the link:

To view site materials in the BLOG section, use the menu in the left sidebar!

To start learning the web technology you need - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, W3.CSS, jQuery, etc. use the menu in the upper sidebar or go to the Home Page and select the course or textbook you need.

W3SchoolsEN TheBest (English) is AVAILABLE and absolutely FREE!

W3SchoolsEN TheBest (in English) - has always been and will be a free resource for web developers and everyone who is just starting to learn web technologies!

The W3SchoolsEN TheBest site is the most comprehensive resource on modern web technologies, which is constantly updated and supported by the developer. The site administrator tries to follow all updates in the field of web development and keep all educational materials of the site up to date.

The W3SchoolsEN TheBest site is recommended both for independent learning and mastering of modern web technologies, and as a help for schoolchildren, students, teachers of educational institutions, as well as for everyone who wants to learn and apply modern web technologies in practice. All materials on the site are organized, the topics are laid out according to the principle from simple to complex and are quite accessible for perception and understanding. If you have difficulties with learning the learning material, it is recommended to return to the previous topics and go through them again. At the same time, to consolidate knowledge, it is important to perform all the given examples and exercises.


The site W3SchoolsEN TheBest is an educational site and is also recommended for school students and students!!! On the site, you will be able to find all topics and answers to test questions in such disciplines as HTML/CSS/JavaScript according to the school curriculum.

You can help W3SchoolsEN TheBest

If you see an annoying ad on the W3SchoolsEN TheBest website, you can close it or ignore it. But advertising on the site is still the only small financial support for the development and content of the site. Therefore, one or two clicks on the advertisement that you can see on the site will help the admin to develop the site in the future.

At the moment, only one person is working on the site, so the process of adding materials can be quite long. Some mistakes are also possible (no one is immune from this!).

The admin is constantly working on bugs, and they are gradually being fixed.

You can contact the site administrator using the Facebook social network: WebSunSay (this link is also at the bottom of the main page of the site).

Note. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, the site administrator does not always have the opportunity to use the Internet and communicate.

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