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SMM. Marketing in social networks

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Marketing in social networks: the role and responsibilities of the SMM manager

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a necessary component of modern advertising strategy for many companies. This type of marketing allows businesses to engage and interact with their audience through social media platforms. However, for the successful implementation of SMM campaigns, companies need qualified specialists -SMM managers.

What is SMM?

Marketing in social networks (SMM - Social Media Marketing) is a set of measures to use social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business tasks. An SMM manager is a specialist who deals with this area of marketing.

Who is an SMM manager?


SMM-manager (English Social Media Manager) is a specialist who is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies in social networks. They use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Mastodon and others to promote a business, company, brand or even an individual on social media, engage target audiences and maintain customer engagement.

Responsibilities of the SMM manager

The main responsibilities of an SMM manager are:

  • Strategy development: An SMM manager defines the company's social media goals and develops a strategy to achieve those goals. SMM strategy is a document that defines goals, objectives, target audience, promotion channels and other aspects of SMM promotion, conducts competitor analysis, searches for relevant platforms with a high concentration of target audience, formation of a loyalty system, etc.
  • Content creation: The SMM manager creates interesting and attractive content for social networks that attracts the attention of the audience and shows the advantages of the product or service, meets the goals and objectives of the SMM strategy. These can be publications, stories, videos, photos, infographics and other formats.
  • Adjustment, launch, management of advertising: launch of promotional materials and targeted advertising in social networks, conducting contests, flash mobs, raffles, etc.
  • Social media management: The SMM manager manages the company's accounts in various social networks, publishes content, interacts with the audience (responds to users, comments, attracts attention, engages in dialogue) and monitors user reactions. Maintenance and moderation of accounts or control of executors to whom a part of work tasks is delegated.
  • Community management: adjusting discussions in social media, working with negativity, providing operational support in social networks, etc.
  • Analysis of results (effectiveness of SMM promotion): The SMM manager uses analytical tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, collect statistical data in social networks and draw conclusions for further improvement of strategies.

Skills and abilities needed by an SMM specialist

For successful work, SMM manager must have the following skills and abilities:

  • Creativity. The SMM manager must be able to create interesting and attractive content (the ability to work with text and graphics), which attracts the attention of the target audience and encourages users to take action.
  • Analytical mindset. The SMM manager must be able to analyze data and statistics of social networks, user behavior in order to understand which measures are effective and which are not, for further optimization of work.
  • Good communication skills. The SMM manager must be able to interact (communicate) with the audience in social networks, answer questions, resolve possible conflicts and reduce negative reactions, create a positive perception of the brand.
  • Ability to work in a team. The SMM manager often works with other specialists, such as designers, copywriters, content managers, web developers. He must be able to effectively interact with them and find common solutions.

Desired requirements for an SMM specialist:

  • Competent oral and written language, ability to write "delicious" and interesting texts.
  • Skills for working with photo stocks and link exchanges.
  • Ability to set up and run ads.
  • Knowledge of the English language above the intermediate level (preferred).
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode.
  • Knowledge of how social networks work within the limits of an advanced user (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and others).
  • Management of targeting and contextual advertising in social networks.
  • Determining the target audience, its interests and behavior strategy.
  • The ability to attract attention and attract as many participants as possible to social network communities.

Earnings of an SMM specialist

The salary of an SMM specialist depends on his experience, skills, the region in which he works, and other factors. The salary may vary depending on the specialist's qualification level, the scale of the project and the breadth of functional responsibilities. On average, the salary of an SMM specialist in Ukraine ranges from $500 to $1,500 per month (from $6,000 to $18,000 per year). In Western countries, the salary of an SMM manager is on average - the entry level is approximately $30,000 — $40,000 per year, and experienced professionals can earn $50,000 — $70,000 per year.

Resources for Learning Social Media Marketing

The following resources are recommended for multipurpose knowledge about Social Media Marketing:

  • Coursera: A platform that offers online courses in social media marketing by teachers from the world's leading universities.
  • HubSpot Academy: Free marketing education, including SMM courses.
  • Hootsuite Academy: An educational platform that offers courses on social networks and SMM.
  • Buffer Blog: A blog with useful information about social media marketing and SMM.

One should always remember about constant self-education and use of current resources to update knowledge in this field.

You can also use the following resources to learn about social media marketing:

  • Courses. There are tons of online courses that teach the basics of SMM. Some of them are paid, others are free.
  • Blogs. There are many blogs about SMM. You can find useful information, tips and cases on them.
  • Books. There are also a number of books on SMM. They can be a good source of information for beginners.

Choosing an SMM strategy for the educational site "W3Schools in Ukrainian"

For example, consider the SMM strategy for the educational site "W3Schools in Ukrainian".

The main goal of the SMM strategy for the educational site "W3Schools in Ukrainian" is to attract a larger audience that is interested in learning programming and web development. The main steps you can take to achieve this goal are:

  • Creation of accounts in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Regular publication of interesting and useful content related to programming and web development. Content can be in various formats such as articles, video tutorials, infographics, etc.
  • Interaction with the audience through comments and messages on social networks. Answering questions and helping users solve their problems is important.
  • Cooperation with other educational sites and bloggers who also teach programming and web development. This will allow expanding the audience and get more information about the needs and interests of users.
  • Advertising campaign in social networks. It is important to set up an advertising campaign on social networks taking into account the target audience and its interests.
  • Analyzing the results and adjusting the strategy depending on the needs of the audience.

Objectives of the SMM strategy

The main goals of the SMM strategy for the educational site "W3Schools in Ukrainian" are:

  • Expansion of the audience. The "W3Schools in Ukrainian" website aims to provide access to quality educational materials in the Ukrainian language to a wide range of users. The SMM strategy should help the site achieve this goal by increasing the number of followers of communities in social networks and site visitors.
  • Improving brand recognition. The site "W3Schools in Ukrainian" should become known among potential users as a reliable and high-quality resource for learning web development. The SMM strategy should help improve the site's brand awareness, making it more visible in social networks.
  • Increasing audience engagement. The "W3Schools in Ukrainian" site should interest its audience and encourage them to interact with the site's content. An SMM strategy should help increase audience engagement by creating interesting and useful content that matches their interests.

The target audience of the site "W3Schools in Ukrainian"

When developing an SMM strategy for the "W3Schools in Ukrainian" site, first of all, you need to determine the target audience of the site in order to understand which materials and to whom will be interesting and useful.

The target audience of the site "W3Schools in Ukrainian" is:

  • Web developers and programmers who want to learn modern IT technologies and develop in their field.
  • Students studying web development and programming in different languages.
  • IT enthusiasts who want to learn more about web development and programming.

Promotion channels of the site "W3Schools in Ukrainian"

The following channels can be used to promote the "W3Schools in Ukrainian" site in social networks:

  • Facebook. This is the most popular social network in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world, so it is a good choice for promoting educational resources.
  • Instagram. This social network is well suited for promoting visual content such as infographics, video tutorials, etc.
  • Telegram. This messenger allows you to create channels that can be used to distribute news, articles, educational materials, etc.
  • YouTube. This video hosting is the largest and most popular in the world, where you can host video lessons and other useful and interesting video materials in different languages.

Content for social networks

Content for social networks should be:

  • Interesting and useful. It should meet the interests of the target audience and provide them with valuable information.
  • Current. It should be relevant to current events and trends in web development.
  • Visually attractive. It should be well-designed and easily perceived by users.

Examples of content for promoting the site "W3Schools in Ukrainian"

Examples of content that can be created to promote the "W3Schools in Ukrainian" site include:

  • News and articles about web development. This content may be devoted to new technologies, trends, methods, etc.
  • Lessons and practical tasks. This content will help users learn new skills and increase their knowledge level.
  • Videos. This content can be used to explain complex topics or demonstrate practical skills.
  • Infographics. This content helps to present information quickly and clearly.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the SMM strategy

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the SMM strategy, it is necessary to regularly analyze the statistics of social networks. This will help to understand which measures are effective and which are not.

More Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are some additional social media marketing tips for W3Schools in Ukrainian:

  • Use competent and clean Ukrainian language. This is an important point for the site's target audience, most of which are Ukrainian-speaking.
  • Be active. Constantly create new content and interact with the audience.
  • Collaborate with others. For example, it is possible to cooperate with other educational resources, IT companies, etc.

Following these tips will help the "W3Schools in Ukrainian" site achieve its SMM goals and spread information about the resource among potential users.


SMM marketing is an important function to promote a web resource or brand to increase audience or users. An SMM manager plays a key role in social media marketing, helping companies build a strong online presence and engage their target audience. Having the necessary skills and constant self-education will help you become a successful SMM specialist.

Note. Attention! This article is powered by artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, Bard, ChatBing) and can be used as general SMM marketing tips and advice.