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Web Building

Web Building Crash Course

Our Crash Course has only 5 pages:

4 Web Building Secrets

  • Always use the same HTML Skeleton
  • Always use the same Style Sheet
  • Always use the same JavaScript
  • Always use a Layout Plan

How to Create a Web Site

This tutorial will teach you how to create a professional website.

The intention is to teach you to code faster, easier, and more efficient.

Creating a website is much easier than most people think.

The trick is to use the same frameworks and bare bones in all your projects.

Commit Yourself

Commit yourself to learn the basics of this tutorial in a few days.

Start Now! Do not waste any time! Do not install any software!

For a few days, commit yourself to:

  • Code every day - Try all the examples in this tutorial.
  • Code every day - Do not waste time on any other subjects.
  • Code every day - Do not waste time on any other tutorials.

Start Now !!