HTML5 Lessons for beginners

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HTML Page Title

  • Every web page should have a page title to describe the meaning of the page.
  • According to the HTML5 specification, the <title> tag is required on a web page.
  • Title length (between <title>...</title>) tags is recommended between 10 and 70 characters (including spaces).

The <title> element adds a title to your page:


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>HTML Tutorial</title>

The content of the document......


The title is shown in the browser's title bar:

Page Title W3Schools

The title should describe the content and the meaning of the page.

The page title is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). The text is used by search engine algorithms to decide the order when listing pages in search results.

The <title> element:

  • define a title in the browser toolbar
  • provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites
  • displays a title for the page in search engine-results

So, try to make the title as accurate and meaningful as possible!

HTML Title Tag

Tag Description
<title> Defines the title of the document

For a complete list of all available HTML tags, visit our HTML Tag Reference.