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HTML Symbols

Symbols that are not present on your keyboard can also be added by using entities.

HTML Symbol Entities

HTML entities were described in the previous chapter.

Many mathematical, technical, and currency symbols are not present on a normal keyboard.

To add such symbols to an HTML page, you can use the entity name or the entity number (a decimal or a hexadecimal reference) for the symbol.


Display the euro sign, €, with an entity name, a decimal, and a hexadecimal value:

<p>I will display &euro;</p>
<p>I will display &#8364;</p>
<p>I will display &#x20AC;</p>

Will display as:

I will display €
I will display €
I will display €
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Some Mathematical Symbols Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description Try it
&#8704; &forall; FOR ALL Try it »
&#8706; &part; PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL Try it »
&#8707; &exist; THERE EXISTS Try it »
&#8709; &empty; EMPTY SETS Try it »
&#8711; &nabla; NABLA Try it »
&#8712; &isin; ELEMENT OF Try it »
&#8713; &notin; NOT AN ELEMENT OF Try it »
&#8715; &ni; CONTAINS AS MEMBER Try it »
&#8719; &prod; N-ARY PRODUCT Try it »
&#8721; &sum; N-ARY SUMMATION Try it »

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Some Greek Letters Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description Try it
Α &#913; &Alpha; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA Try it »
Β &#914; &Beta; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER BETA Try it »
Γ &#915; &Gamma; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER GAMMA Try it »
Δ &#916; &Delta; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER DELTA Try it »
Ε &#917; &Epsilon; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER EPSILON Try it »
Ζ &#918; &Zeta; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ZETA Try it »

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Some Other Entities Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description Try it
© &#169; &copy; COPYRIGHT SIGN Try it »
® &#174; &reg; REGISTERED SIGN Try it »
&#8364; &euro; EURO SIGN Try it »
&#8482; &trade; TRADEMARK Try it »
&#8592; &larr; LEFTWARDS ARROW Try it »
&#8593; &uarr; UPWARDS ARROW Try it »
&#8594; &rarr; RIGHTWARDS ARROW Try it »
&#8595; &darr; DOWNWARDS ARROW Try it »
&#9824; &spades; BLACK SPADE SUIT Try it »
&#9827; &clubs; BLACK CLUB SUIT Try it »
&#9829; &hearts; BLACK HEART SUIT Try it »
&#9830; &diams; BLACK DIAMOND SUIT Try it »

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