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ChatGPT-4 - Brainstorming

Using ChatGPT-4 to Brainstorm

ChatGPT can't replace your creativity, but you can use it to give yourself new ideas and perspectives.

You can use ChatGPT as someone who is always ready to brainstorm and can brainstorm just about anything!

Define the Topic

Before using Generative AI to help you, you should clarify the topic.

Are you starting a new business? Finding a name for a cat? In this example, we will brainstorm ideas for activities for a birthday party for five-year-old girls.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Unlike when you ask ChatGPT for something specific, it is important to keep it open-ended for brainstorming sessions. This will give you a wider range of responses:


With the following prompt:

What are some unique ideas for activities for 10 five-year-old girls at a birthday party?

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:

Generative AI

Sure, here are some unique ideas that might be enjoyable for a group of ten five-year-old girls at a birthday party:

  1. Princess Academy: Have a day of royal fun where each girl gets a princess makeover. You can provide princess costumes or ask them to bring their own. Hire a professional storyteller to narrate a famous princess story, then have the girls act it out.
  2. Art and Craft Party: Arrange an art and craft party where they can paint, do collages, or create their own jewelry. Provide all the necessary supplies and possibly hire an art teacher to guide the girls. At the end, they can take home their creations as party favors.
  3. Baking Party: With proper adult supervision, baking can be a fun and educational activity. Prepare a simple recipe, like decorating pre-baked cupcakes or cookies. Each child can decorate their own cupcake or cookie and eat it or take it home.
  4. Magical Fairy Party: Decorate the venue like a magical fairyland. Provide each girl with fairy wings and a magic wand. Organize fairy-themed activities like a fairy treasure hunt or a fairy dust making workshop.
  5. Nature Explorers Party: If you have access to a safe outdoor space, organize a nature-themed party. Plan a mini nature scavenger hunt, or have a bug-finding competition. Follow it up with a picnic where the girls can enjoy their snacks.
  6. Petting Zoo Party: Hire a mobile petting zoo service to come and visit the party. The children can learn about and interact with different animals. This is both fun and educational.
  7. Science Party: Create a mini-science lab. Have simple and safe science experiments that the children can participate in. This could include things like making slime, a vinegar and baking soda volcano, or creating homemade lava lamps.
  8. Dance Party: Hire a children’s dance instructor to come and teach the girls a fun, simple routine. It could be based on their favorite cartoon or movie.
  9. Puppet Show Party: Arrange a puppet-making workshop followed by a puppet show. The girls can have fun making their own puppets and then use them in a show.
  10. Yoga Party: Hire a children’s yoga instructor to guide a yoga class. Make it fun with animal poses and simple games. Follow it up with some healthy snacks.

Remember to ensure safety first, especially when the activities involve physical movement, small objects, or edible items. And most importantly, let the birthday girl decide what she’d like to do - it’s her special day after all!

That is a good list of starting points. Let's narrow it down, then expand it further.

Follow-Ups with more Details

From the list above, let's move forward with ideas 1 and 5. Combine them into one for a nature princess party!

To get more details, we can ask ChatGPT to add unique details:


With the following prompt:

Combine ideas 1 and 5. Make this into a unique experience that the children will remember. Write a story the girls can act out, and make sure it gives everyone something to do.

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:

Generative AI

Certainly! Here’s an idea that combines the themes of "Princess Academy" and "Nature Explorers" into a unique, memorable experience:

Title: The Princesses and the Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, ten princesses lived in a grand castle. The princesses loved to play in the royal gardens, but they always wondered what lay beyond the castle walls, in the mysterious Enchanted Forest.

On the day of Princess [Birthday Girl’s Name]’s birthday, a gentle fairy visited the princesses. The fairy told them that a magical treasure was hidden in the Enchanted Forest and whoever found it could make one special wish. Excited and intrigued, the princesses decided to embark on a royal adventure.

The Story/Activities:

  1. Princess Makeover: Before setting out on their adventure, the princesses need to get ready. Provide each girl with princess costumes or ask them to come in their favorite princess attire. Let them design and decorate their own royal crowns using craft supplies.
  2. Fairy Guide: An adult dressed as a fairy (or a fairy doll) could be the guide on this adventure. She gives the princesses clues about where the treasure is hidden.
  3. Magic Wand Craft: The fairy informs the princesses that they need magic wands to unlock the magical treasure. Arrange a magic wand making session with twigs, ribbons, glitter glue, and stars.
  4. Enchanted Forest Scavenger Hunt: Transform your backyard or party venue into an ′Enchanted Forest′ with handing decorations, flowers, and fairy lights. Set up different stations representing various areas of the forest, like ′Fairy Falls′, ′Troll Bridge′, or ′Elf’s Meadow′. At each station, the girls can find a clue that leads them to the next location.
  5. Treasure Hunt: As the princesses traverse through the forest (the stations), they will collect clues that will eventually lead them to the hidden treasure.
  6. Magical Creatures Encounter: Along the way, the princesses meet various magical creatures (adults or older kids dressed up). These creatures pose riddles or challenges that the princesses must solve or complete before moving forward.
  7. Finding the Treasure: The treasure could be a chest filled with costume jewelry, small toys, or sweets. When the princesses find it, they use their magic wands to "unlock" it.
  8. The Grand Feast: After the treasure hunt, organize a picnic or a "royal feast" in the enchanted forest, with cupcakes, fruits, sandwiches, and the birthday cake.
  9. Story Narration and Acting Out: At the end of the party, gather the princesses together and retell their adventurous story. Have them act out the highlights, making sure each girl has a moment to shine.

This party plan provides an immersive experience that combines the glamour of being a princess with the fun of outdoor exploration, all while promoting teamwork, creativity, and imagination.

Now that sounds like a good time!

Refine Further

Now we have our key idea, let's refine it further.


With the following prompt:

For activity 9, give me 2 examples of epic narration from each activity. Something we can use as a template and build from depending on how it went.

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:

Generative AI

Absolutely! Here are two examples of epic narrations from each activity:

  1. Princess Makeover:
    • "In a flourish of silk and satin, our brave princesses adorned themselves in the finest royal attire. They each crafted crowns that sparkled like the morning sun, their youthful faces radiant with the thrill of the forthcoming adventure."
    • "Resplendent in their dazzling gowns, our princesses stood tall, their beautifully embellished crowns catching the light. Their eyes sparkled with anticipation, a reflection of the adventure that awaited them beyond the castle walls."
  2. Fairy Guide:
    • "Guided by a fairy as the stars, the princesses embarked on their quest. Her gentle voice weaved enchanting tales of the treasure, filling their hearts with hope and courage."
    • "Like a beacon in the night, the fairy guided our intrepid princesses, her whispers carrying the mystique of the hidden treasure. Her words spun a web of intrigue, kindling the flame of curiosity in the princesses’ hearts."
  3. Magic Wand Craft:
    • "Under the watchful eye of the fairy guide, the princesses conjured their magical wands. Each wand was a work of art, radiating an aura of power and promise, set to unlock the secrets of the Enchanted Forest."
    • "The princesses, wielding their newly crafted magic wands, felt a surge of energy. Each wand, adorned with glitter and stars, was a testament to their creative spirit and determination to find the magical treasure."
  4. Enchanted Forest Scavenger Hunt:
    • "As the princesses ventured deeper into the Enchanted Forest, each clue discovered was a puzzle piece, bringing them closer to the treasure. The forest, steeped in mystique, whispered secrets that only their eager hearts could decipher."
    • "The Enchanted Forest lay open to the princesses, its mysteries waiting to be unraveled. With each clue they found, the aura of the treasure seemed to pulse stronger, guiding them through the winding paths of the forest."
  5. Treasure Hunt:
    • "In a crescendo of excitement, our courageous princesses followed the trail of clues, each one a key, leading them closer to the heart of the forest, where the treasure lay hidden."
    • "With determination in their eyes, the princesses traced the clues, their hearts pounding in rhythm with the silent heartbeat of the Enchanted Forest. The thrill of the chase was palpable, the treasure within their grasp."
  6. Magical Creatures Encounter:
    • "At every turn, magical creatures rose to greet the princesses. Armed with wisdom and wit, our princesses solved riddles and overcame challenges, earning the respect of these mystical beings."
    • "The princesses navigated their encounters with the magical creatures with grace and intelligence, their quick thinking and bravery enabling them to solve riddles and complete challenges, proving their worth in this enchanted land."
  7. Finding the Treasure:
    • "With a triumphant cheer, our princesses discovered the treasure. With magic wands help high, they unlocked the chest, their faces illuminated by the radiant glow from within."
    • "As the princesses found the treasure and raised their magic wands, there was a hushed silence, followed by a burst of light. The chest creaked open, revealing treasures as magnificent as their dreams."
  8. The Grand Feast:
    • "Under the verdant canopy of the Enchanted Forest, our victorious princesses relished in a grand feast. Their laughter echoed in the forest, a sweet melody to celebrate their victorious quest."
    • "The forest bore witness to a royal feast, a celebration of triumph. Our princesses, the heroes of the day, reveled in joy, their faces alight with the satisfaction of a quest successfully completed."
  9. Story Narration and Acting Out:
    • "As the day drew to a close, the princesses relived their journey, each moment a tale of courage, friendship, and joy. Their hearts brimming with memories, they enacted their story under the watchful stars of the enchanted kingdom."
    • "Basking in the afterglow of their adventure, the princesses retold their epic quest, their vibrant performances painting vivid images in the cool forest air. Each princess shone brightly, a star of her own tale."

Feel free to adapt these narrations to best fit the actual events of the day. Enjoy the magical journey!

That was an example of how you can start with a basic idea and, with the help of ChatGPT, transform it into something unique.