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ChatGPT-4 Cover Letter

Using ChatGPT-4 to Write a Cover Letter

You can use ChatGPT as a career coach and personal writer.

ChatGPT can add a cover letter to your resume for the specific job you are looking for.

This page is a supplement to the previous chapter: Using ChatGPT-4 to Write a Resume.

Gather Your Information

To start, you must have all the important information available.

Things like contact information, education, work experience, skills, and other notable achievements.

These are similar to what you would gather for a resume. In addition, you should add why you are interested in the specific job and why you are a good match.

Example: Genevieve Lavorre, applying for as a teacher for the Royal College of Art London

  • Contact information:, Phone: 555-9696
  • Education: Master of Arts from University of Nico, ND - 2010-2014
  • Work experience: Head promoter of the Traveller 2020 - Present, Head of Design for Traveller Con 2022
  • Skills: Expert negotiator, physically active, discerning palate
  • Notable achievements: Portfolio: , Group Exhibition, Saving the art world 2021.
  • Why this job: Deep ties to the artistic community of London
  • Why am I suited: Extensive knowledge of the school

Ask ChatGPT to Write your Cover Letter


With the following prompt:

Create a Cover Letter for me, Genevieve Lavorre. Graduated in 2014 from the University of Nico, ND, with a master's degree in arts. Completed an extensive internship with Traveller Inc., where I was the head promoter and head of design for Traveller Con 2022. In addition, I led a large Group Exhibition called "Saving the art world" in 2021. Can you create a new resume emphasizing my education, skills, and experience? I am trained and proficient in painting, drawing, and graphical design. My portfolio is available at . Contact information: E-mail:, Phone: 555-9696. I also have experience with tough negotiations, am physically active, and have a discerning palate. I am looking for a job at the Royal College of Art London as a teacher. I have deep ties to the artistic community of London, and because of my extensive knowledge of the school, I would be uniquely qualified. If you need any more information to continue, ask.

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:


Genevieve Lavorre
Phone: 555-9696 | Email:

Royal College of Art London
Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Art Teacher position at the Royal College of Art London. As a passionate and skilled artist and experienced design professional, I believe I can bring unique insights and perspectives to your esteemed institution.

I hold a Master of Arts degree from the University of Nico, ND graduating in 2014, and I have a deep-seated passion for sharing my knowledge and skills with others. With my proficiency in painting, drawing, and graphic design, along with my broad experience in leading artistic projects, I am fully equipped to provide a vibrant learning environment to your students.

During my extensive internship with Traveller Inc., I was responsible for heading the promotion and design for Traveller Con 2022. This experience not only honed my design skills but also cultivated my ability to lead a team, negotiate with diverse stakeholders, and manage large projects. Furthermore, my leadership role in the large Group Exhibition, "Saving the Art World", in 2021, demonstrated my ability to curate and execute significant art events successfully.

My strong ties to the artistic community in London, combined with my extensive understanding of the Royal College of Art, would position me uniquely for this role. As an educator, my aim would be to create a bridge between the artistic community and the classroom, fostering a holistic and real-world learning experience for the students.

In addition to my technical skills, I am physically active, a crucial aspect when managing the practicalities of classroom setups and exhibitions. I also possess a discerning palate, enabling me to guide students in appreciating and creating aesthetically pleasing works.

Please find more about my artistic abilities and professional projects on my portfolio at I believe my passion for art, coupled with my skills and experience, would make me a valuable addition to your teaching staff. I am eager to bring my energy, dedication, and professional experience to the Royal College of Art London.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further.

Yours sincerely,
Genevieve Lavorre

Now, you can check details and change where needed.