ChatGPT-4. Lessons for beginners


ChatGPT-4 Find Title

Using ChatGPT-4 to Find a Title

Finding the perfect title for your work isn't easy.

You can use ChatGPT as a creative assistant to help you find ideas for a title

Describe the Work

To help you generate a title, ChatGPT needs context about your work.

Getting specific about context, theme, etc, is important. The more specific you get, the better suggestions you will get.


With the following prompt:

Suggest 10 titles for a short story about a robot posing as a student. It is written from a teenager's perspective, and the robot is almost a perfect copy of a human. They find friends and fall in love. But they still can't solve captchas when browsing the internet.

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:

  1. "Heartstrings in the Circuitry"
  2. "Beneath Silicon Skin: A Cybernetic Affair"
  3. "Love, Robots and the Unsolvable CAPTCHA"
  4. "High Schools Cyborg: Love in the Code"
  5. "Artificial Intelligence, Genuine Emotion"
  6. "Captured Hearts and Uncaptured CAPTCHAs"
  7. "Silicon Sweethearts: Love, Life, and Algorithms"
  8. "Diodes and Desires: A Robot’s High School Dilemma"
  9. "Beyond Binary: A Tale of Love and CAPTCHAs"
  10. "The Student Cyborg: A Technological Love Story"

We have a list with very different titles to refine and work on.

Refine and Experiment

I like number 5. Let's give ChatGPT a bit more information and work from that:


With the following prompt:

Number 5 suits the story well, as the story is mainly about the robot figuring out how to stay true to its robotic nature but at the same time develop as a human. Based on that, suggest 10 more titles.

A response from ChatGPT-4 could be:

  1. "Artificial Affections: A Journey Beyond Binary"
  2. "Coded for Compassion: Love in a Robotic Realm"
  3. "Emulating Emotions: A Robot’s Unlikely Odyssey"
  4. "Sentient Circuits: A Tale of Technological Tenderness"
  5. "Machine in the Mirror: Learning to Feel"
  6. "Binary Heartbeat: A Love Tale Twisted in Code"
  7. "Synthetic Sentiment: Adventures of a Robot in Love"
  8. "Echoes of Empathy: A Robotic Rendezvous"
  9. "Circuitry and Sentiments: The Unexpected Love Story"
  10. "Mechanical Mirth: A Love Tale of Technological Tenderness"

Now you can continue to work with these titles, further refining or taking parts of what you have to make your own.